Showrooms : Measuring Instruments can be seen and demonstrated at our Dublin Metrology Centre. This large show room is fully equipped, featuring operational models of the most modern tools and instruments. By appointment or on a walk-in basis, product demonstration at our Metrology Centre will be carried out by our experienced, highly trained staff.

Calibration Laboratory :

Measurement to a consistently high level of accuracy can only be achieved if instruments are periodically calibrated against traceable standards.

We can provide a full range of services to meet this requirement

Our facility utilises state-of -the-art technology and is staffed by professional calibration technicians.

We have a large temperature controlled Laboratory with the following equipment:

  • One Zeiss Metroscopes.
  • Two SIP Measuring Machine
  • One Mahr Measuring Machine
  • One Pratt & Whitney Labmaster
  • Tesa Gauge Block calibration equipment.
  • Floating Carriage Micrometers
  • Wyler Flatness Checker.
  • Renishaw Laser and Ball Bar system.
  • Mitutoyo Laser Micrometer.
  • WBJ grade 00 surface tables.
  • K and Calibration grade Gauge Blocks.
  • Tesa Length Bars.
  • Grade A, Angle Plates and Vee Blocks.
  • Plus all standard Calibration Instruments.
  • OGP Optical Measuring System
  • Automatic Dial Gauge Calibration Machine

Sub-Contract Measurement
Our Contract Measurement Centre offers a full range of third party measurement, reporting and programming services. We can measure the most demanding components which can also be profiled, analysed, scanned, programmed or compared to CAD data.

We have temperature controlled Contact Measurement Laboratory consisting of :

  • Hexagon CNC CMM
  • Mitutoyo QV-302 CNC Vision system.
  • OGP Vision Systems
  • Ram Optical Vision Systems
  • Faro 6 Axis CMM. 
  • Romer 7 Axis arms
  • Mitutoyo Contracer.
  • Mitutoyo Surface Finish Instruments.
  • Mitutoyo Roundness Testers. 
  • Rockwell Hardness Testers.
  • Nikon Measuring Microscope.
  • Renishaw Laser and Ball Bar
  • All the measurements are carried out by our trained staff with  combined experience of over 50 years in the Metrology field. 

We offer a complete repair service on all types of measuring instruments.